Our Founding Belief

Our Founding Belief

"To create a car emergency kit that belongs to all Malaysians" was the founding belief of TRIKIT™. 

If you ever noticed, our country is flooded with foreign brands. From cars to shampoos, we buy from brands like Honda/Toyota and Pantene/Dove. We have always wanted to support local brands but they are always not as good.

Great news! Now you can support a local brand with premium quality - TRIKIT™, the first car emergency products brand in Malaysia. We don't just create car emergency products, we create a Malaysian brand that you can be proud of.


At TRIKIT™, we believe that car emergency products must be of high quality, because they are extremely important when car emergencies happen. 

However, we do not believe that they should come at a high price tag. Our products are all reasonably priced. Don't believe? 

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