TRIKIT Affiliate Program

Do you want to earn extra income (10% commission) while helping to raise awareness for roadside emergencies among your family and friends?


What is TRIKIT Affiliate Program?

It's a program to accept our customers as sales partners to earn extra income (10% commission) by promoting TRIKIT's products.


Why should you join?

It's killing two birds with one stone! Not only that you can earn extra income (10% commission), you are also able to raise awareness for roadside emergencies among your family and friends. This can potential save their lives because roadside emergencies will happen to all of us!


How does this program work?

Very easy. Just follow the steps below!

  1. Create your account HERE.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. At homepage, copy and share your referral link to your family and friends. Should they click on your referral link and make purchases within 365 days, 10% commission will be yours!
  4. By default, your referral link leads to our home page If you wish to have a referral link to a product, kindly use 'Link Generator' in your account. Copy and paste the product's web link in 'Link Generator'. 


Other things to take note...

1. To increase sales, you should inform your genuine feedback for our products as a customer yourself. With TRIKIT's high product quality, this should not be a problem. Then, include your referral link so that they purchase and you earn a commission in 365 days.




2. Update your bank details as follow


For enquiries, you can WhatsApp us here: 

Finally, these are the products you can sell :