The awareness for car emergency among fellow Malaysians is relatively low compared to other nations. Our empirical studies showed that more than 95% of the Malaysian cars on-the-road are not properly equipped with the right tools to handle road emergencies. 

As such, we wish to introduce a lifetime sponsorship program named TRIKIT VIP

Who are TRIKIT VIPs? We are Malaysians who share the same mission - to raise the awareness for car emergency in Malaysia. We strongly believe that all Malaysian cars should be well-equipped with the right emergency tools. All TRIKIT VIPs are entitled to receive all of our future products for FREE. 

How to be part of us? Take some photos of your moments with TRIKIT products. Post it on Facebook / Instagram and Tag TRIKIT's page. TRIKIT VIP will be chosen based on certain criteria such as photo quality, creativity, post likes and etc. 

Hence, invite all your friends & family to join this meaningful campaign so that this awareness can be raised as quick as possible. Together we build a better Malaysia, Together we can make a difference!

Note: You must have at least one of our TRIKIT products in order to participate.

Our products: