1000 AMP But Couldn't JumpStart Your Car?

As the only manufacturer of Jumpstart cables in Malaysia, with well over 20 years of experience, TRIKIT can assure you that a good Jumpstart cable is not read by its ampere rating. If you wish to know why, please spare us a minute to finish this article.

Normally when you go to hardware stores to look for a Jumpstart cable, you tend to notice that all the available options on shelves are labeled with extremely high ampere ratings. Consumers are misled into thinking that the higher the ampere rating of a Jumpstart cable, the better it is. 

However, this is only partly true. Let us explain why. 

When a Jumpstart happens, there's electricity flow in Ampere. High electricity flow (or high ampere) results in higher heat generated in the wires due to resistance. Now, the key question is, can the wires stand the higher temperature? It depends.

Most of the Jumpstart cables out there are made of copper-clad-aluminium (CCA) to save cost. In short, it is a mixture of copper and aluminium. *Hint: we use 100% pure copper wires.

In chemistry, we learned that aluminium (silver in colour) is way cheaper than copper (brown in colour), has much higher resistance (which causes more heat), and most importantly, a much lower melting point.

What this means is that, while it might be true that a Jumpstart cable made of CCA can at one point, conducts 1000 ampere of current, however the heat generated is very high. Hence, with the low melting point, CCA wires melt during a Jumpstart process, causing it to fail.

Remember that it also has much higher resistance? The heat that CCA wires generated during a Jumpstart process could melt the rubber and catch fire! 


HINT: Open up the packaging and look at the wires. Try to find silver spots (aluminium). Sometimes it's a bit difficult to notice the silver colour as they are electroplated with an outer copper layer! BEWARE.



That is why at TRIKIT, we will certainly SAY NO to CCA wires as materials to manufacture a good quality Jumpstart cable. We, however, only use 100% pure copper wires to ensure low resistance (low heat) and extremely high melting point. In short, during a Jumpstart process, 100% copper wires allow for the best and smoothest flow of electricity. The only disadvantage is that copper is more expensive than aluminium, but certainly much SAFER!

Besides, our Jumpstart cables are certified by SGS laboratory and TUV to ensure world-class quality!




So, if you ever wanted to get a Jumpstart cable in your life, do think of TRIKIT first 😉

Here's the link for our Jumpstart cables series : www.trikit.shop/collections/jumpstart-cables


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