Dear potential partner,


TRIKIT has managed to garner the support of close to 5,000 customers in Malaysia in less than 1 year. This achievement can be credited to our excellent product quality (OEM standards), marvelous customer service (before & after sales), and most importantly, more than 100 (5-star) genuine Facebook reviews which can't be manipulated by us.

All these proved that TRIKIT products and our Brand name are extremely reliable and trusted by many Malaysian drivers.


However, there are close to 30,000,000 (30 million) vehicles in Malaysia waiting for us to serve them!


As TRIKIT turns more aggressive in building the automotive safety awareness, we wish to invite You to join our Authorized Partner Program if you meet the below conditions:

  • Individual / company
  • Currently working in automotive/car - related field. For example, car salesman dealer, car accessories shop, car tayar workshop, car repair workshop, car bloggers, car spare part shop, car tinted shop, car detailing and many more!




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