Most of us, the Malaysians, do not really care about the happening of roadside emergency breakdown because it doesn't always happen. In fact, if you're lucky enough, you might not have faced it before.

Unfortunately, for most of the Malaysian drivers out there, we have all been haunted by unexpected car breakdowns at least once in our lifetime. If we, the humans, do get sicked once in awhile, I'm pretty sure our lovely cars do breakdown occasionally. 

This is where TRIKIT comes in. We shoulder the responsibility to raise the awareness for roadside emergency among fellow Malaysian drivers. If we all had the awareness, we would have prepared for the unforeseen breakdowns by placing the necessary tools in our car boots. 

Besides, most of the car emergency tools in the market are either cheap but low quality or high quality but expensive. Since car breakdowns don't always occur, many Malaysian drivers opted for the cheap option, only to know its inferior quality when used during the breakdown. 

For instance, many customers complained the inferiority of the market's jumpstart cables, which couldn't be used to jumpstart. Some even said they caught fire due to excessive heat!

At TRIKIT, our mind is always about quality. We strive to deliver only high quality car emergency products at reasonable prices, so that all Malaysian drivers can afford our products. After all...

"Why should high quality car emergency products cost so much?"


Hurry up!! Invite your family & friends to purchase because together, we can make a difference in creating this awareness. 

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