2 Most Common Types of Car Breakdown in Malaysia

"EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED" is TRIKIT's motto. We strive to serve the Malaysian roadside emergency market, which is very niche, by providing high quality emergency tools at extremely reasonable prices, so that all Malaysians have equal opportunities to prepare for unforeseen car breakdowns.

As we all know, our beloved cars do face breakdowns occasionally. Below are the most common types of car breakdown in Malaysia!


1. Car battery goes flat.

When you're ready to get to work early in the morning, you realize that your car couldn't start. You are running out of time. Having 2-3 cars at home doesn't help as you don't have a jumpstart cable.

Let us share with you something about your car battery. Under normal circumstances, on average, it gets weak after 1-2 years' time. Meaning that it doesn't have enough electrical energy to start your car engine.  

Since this is a sure thing to happen, it's better to get prepared by having a good quality jumpstart cable in your car! We strongly recommend you to purchase from the only jumpstart cable manufacturer in Malaysia - https://www.trikit.shop/collections/jumpstart-cables


2. A flat car tyre caused by a nail.

You got off your car for grocery shopping. When you're back after an hour, one of your car tyres has gone flat due to a nail on the road. 

Normally, it's either you call for help or you change the spare tyre on the spot. As for the former (call for help), you need to wait for an hour maybe? For the latter (change spare tyre), it's so troublesome and dangerous.

We believe many of us have faced this before. You should consider preparing for this situation by having AIRtire™ in your car. 

AIRtire is a portable tire inflator with strong air compressor to inflate your car tyre quickly. It is designed and manufactured based on the German OEM standards. Hence, you have the time to drive to the nearest workshop to get your tyre changed! 

Here's more information on AIRtire™ - www.trikit.shop/products/airtire


After all, "I should have ..." are the three words that we wouldn't want to hear from our own mouth when car breakdown happens!


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