Bought AIRtire™ But Need A Liquid Sealant?

A thousand thanks for those who supported TRIKIT™ and purchased our AIRtire™. Today, with extensive research and planning, we have successfully launched our AIRtire Pro™ which consists of AIRtire™ & Liquid Sealant to better seal your punctured car tyre.

As you may have noticed, AIRtire™ does not have the fixation area for the Liquid Sealant bottle as it was not planned for this previously.


However, for the AIRtire™ customers, you may still purchase our Liquid Sealant and use it together with your AIRtire™ to better seal your punctured tyre.

  1. Gently shake the Liquid Sealant to mix it thoroughly.
  2. Connect AIRtire™ hose to the Liquid Sealant inlet.
  3. Connect the Liquid Sealant hose to your car tyre valve.
  4. Make sure the Liquid Sealant bottle is upside down and vertical all the time. (*You may use your hand to support it standing)
  5. Turn the AIRtire™ on after plugging in the cigarette plug.

Note: Liquid Sealant bottle will swell / inflate / kembang / 膨胀 a little bit because the air from AIRtire™ is needed to push the Liquid Sealant into your punctured car tyre. Please note that this is normal.


Prepare yourself NOW :


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