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In the article, InnoLIGHT is seen as the replacement of warning triangles, which have a few limitations such as (1) limited visibility when no headlamp light to reflect (2) chances of blowing off by strong wind.

These two weaknesses of warning triangles can be solved by InnoLIGHT, which uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to emit bright lights, and has a magnet to attach to car body so that it doesn't get blown off by strong wind.

Besides, other key features are waterproof, 280g only but can stand the weight of a car, torchlight, droppable and etc.

TRIKIT has managed to market InnoLIGHT to many users in industries such as drivers (breakdown cases), hiking, cycling, camping, construction, police/security, jetski, boat, and towing. InnoLIGHT is deemed as a better option for visibility at night!

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