Doing This During Car Emergency May Cause Your Life

Although TRIKIT serves the Malaysians with high quality roadside emergency tools, we can't deny the fact that our products can't solve some of the breakdown issues, which require towing your car to workshop for repair.

During car emergency breakdown which needs towing assistance, many people did a great job by showing their warning triangle while waiting for help. However, many make the below mistake:


  1. Placing the warning triangle too closely to your car. You should place it 100 meters away, because a moving vehicle just needs a few seconds to travel 100 meters and hit you.
  2. Bought a bad quality warning triangle which is not reflective at all, and easily blown off by wind. 


Take a look at TRIKIT's Ultra-Flex™ Warning Triangle which met the European standards.



However, a warning triangle needs headlamp light in order to reflect for others to see you. This is the weakness of a warning triangle, no matter how reflective it is. 

To ensure better visibility at night, you should consider getting TRIKIT's InnoLIGHT™, which emits bright light with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It also has a magnet to attach to your car body.


After ensuring visibility to other road users, many people made the mistake by staying in the car while waiting.


You should not stay in the car. This is because there is still slight chances that other drivers may not notice you stopping at the roadside. As I mentioned, accidents can happen in seconds due to vehicles moving fast.


While waiting for help, get out of your car and walk to a nearby space which is safe.


We all have a family who cares alot for us, be aware of this and don't let them worry about you 😉


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