How Do You Fix A Flat Tyre?

You park your car and got off to buy some groceries, only to realise that your car tyre has gone flat when you're back. Sound familiar?

This is most likely due to a nail (or other sharp objects) on the road. The leakage caused by the nail slowly deflates your car tyre. 

So how do you fix it? By using TRIKIT's AIRtire™ - a tyre inflator designed and manufactured based on the German OEM standards. 

AIRtire™ has a strong air compressor to inflate car tyres, bicycle tyres, balls, air mattresses and other inflatables with electrical source from cigarette plug. In other words, since the air outflow caused by the nail is slow, the air inflow by AIRtire™ is much faster : Inflow >> outflow.

Hence, your car tyre will be temporarily inflated.

What this means is that, you don't have to change your spare tyre at the roadside or wait for someone else's assistance, which often takes hours. 

AIRtire™ is special because we spent about 1 year to plan and research for the best components with a focus on quality. For instance,

  1. A strong compressor was selected to ensure quicker pump. 
  2. Air-cooling system is purposely included for a better ventilation, so that AIRtire™ is more durable due to less heat.
  3. LED pressure meter was used instead of non-LED so that our customers can see the readings at night.
  4. and many more...

Find out more about AIRtire™ and why every Malaysian needs it! :