Introducing Our Ultra-Flex™ Warning Triangle

The importance of a warning triangle does not need any further explanation. In fact, many of the vehicles on the road do have it placed in car. However, the killing question is - "Is your warning triangle up to standard?"

Many warning triangles in the market look alike, but the materials used for production are actually different as they are impossible to differentiate solely by naked eyes.

Introducing Our Warning Triangle with Ultra-Flex™ technology... The reflective materials that we used are able to reflect up to 500 meters! With our Ultra-Flex™ Warning Triangle, other road users can easily see you stopping at the roadside.

Besides, it meets the European standard and is certified with E-Mark. What this means is that, our Ultra-Flex™ Warning Triangle does not topple easily by strong winds!

What's more? it is foldable and kept into a plastic container. Save you a lot of space!

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