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In western countries, many cars on the road are well-equipped with sufficient emergency tools so that they could handle the unforeseen situations. This is what we called an awareness for roadside emergency and automotive safety, which is exactly what TRIKIT is all about.

TRIKIT was established with a vision: "To create a car emergency kit that belongs to all Malaysians". What this means is that, we strive to educate the fellow Malaysians to get one emergency kit in their car, with customized content inside, like Jumpstart cable, warning triangle, medical kit, tyre inflator, warning light and etc. 

However, we have to admit that raising this awareness in Malaysia is akin to walking an upward slope, which is very steep. This is because Malaysians have extremely low awareness for roadside emergency and automotive safety. Majority of us are taking the view that it won't happen to us. 


Hence, we wish to change that.


In spite of the tough journey, we will not give up! TRIKIT will treat this as hiking the Kinabalu mountain, which is steep and far like a marathon. 

This is exactly the reason why there's no clear brand in Malaysia which focuses on raising this awareness and providing a range of high quality emergency products at reasonable prices, everything under one roof.


We trust that we will be able to make it as long as we endure, regardless of how tough it is!


All in all, if you're reading this, please join us in raising this awareness. Join the TRIKIT community by hashtagging #trikitemergency with your purchased products from us! 

More importantly, invite all your family, friends and loved ones to join this awareness because you might save them when emergency really happens #touchwood


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