The Replacement For Warning Triangles

Warning triangles are good. Indeed, it is the minimum safety requirement by law, in many developed nations, to have a warning triangle in car. This is because unexpected car breakdowns can happen and we need to make sure that we are visible to other road users.

However, there's a core weakness of warning triangles i.e. Warning triangles need lights to reflect at night so that others can see you. In short, no lights; no visibility.

Without further ado, we wish to introduce InnoLIGHT™ which is able to solve almost all the weaknesses of warning triangles.

As you can see in the picture, InnoLIGHT™ has a magnet at the back to stick to our car body so that it doesn't get blown away by strong wind. Besides, it uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery to emit bright light with 9 flashing patterns.

Accompanied by its light-weight and waterproof features, InnoLIGHT™ certainly is a much better alternative of warning triangles.

Also, it comes with 5 different colours as shown below:


TRIKIT has managed to sell many pieces of InnoLIGHT™ in Malaysia and we are committed to bringing this revolutionary product into many people's lives. Top 9 customers by segment include: car breakdown, construction, police/security, cycling, hiking, jetski, boat, towing and camping.

If you're in one of the above segments and wish to explore more about InnoLIGHT™, kindly spend a minute to visit:

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