Useful Tips For Your Car Battery


Did you know that if you start your car > 3 times a day, your car battery will become faulty in about 1.5 years' time?

  1. Battery life is affected by your driving habit. Shorter distance travels will shorten your battery life.
  2. It’s hard for you to know if your battery is going dead, unless you’re an expert.
  3. It only takes a few hours to fully-drain your car battery if you forgot to switch off the headlamps.
  4. Your car is very likely not able to start if it's idle/sleep for one week.
  5. Average battery lifespan is getting shorter according to car battery experts.

Hence, every driver will face a faulty car battery at least ONCE in their lifetime.

So how do you prepare yourself for a faulty car battery?

  1. Place an emergency contact in your car. Assistance arrives on average 45 minutes in busy cities like Klang Valley and Penang. However, you are likely to be required to wait for at least an hour in sub urban areas.
  2. Get a quality jumper cable ready in your car. Jumpstart right away & you don’t have to wait.



  • Be careful of cheap imported jumper cables. Buy only 100% pure copper for best electrical conductivity.
  • Buy only fully-covered jumper heads / battery clamps for best safety procedures. 
  • Even if you don’t know how to jumpstart your car, there’ll surely be people around who knows how to do it.


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