Frequently Asked Questions about AIRtire™


1. How much is AIRtire™?

AIRtire™ is priced at RM129 at the moment. Normal price was RM149. Pricing includes a Free anti-slip bag for limited-time only!


2. How much is the shipping cost for AIRtire™?

For Semenanjung Malaysia, postage fee is RM10 for up to 2 pieces of AIRtire™. For East Malaysia, postage fee is RM16 for 1 piece of AIRtire™. Shipping charges will be calculated at checkout.


3. What can AIRtire™ use for?

Normal sedan car, SUV, 4X4, van, MPV, small lorry, bicycle, motorcycle, ball and other inflatables. 


4. Why do I need AIRtire™?

You wouldn't know when your car tyre get into a nail on the road. Besides preparing for unexpected emergency, you could also use AIRtire™ for regular tyre pumping at home! Getting this done at petrol station is quite dangerous especially for ladies.


5. Why is AIRtire™ so special?

TRIKIT has spent almost a year to design and research for the best type of portable electric tyre inflator. German OEM standard was our benchmark to ensure tip-top quality and user experience!


6. How long is the power cable?

3 meters. The air hose is about 50cm.


7. Why does AIRtire™ need an air-cooling system?

We decided to have this built-in because air compressor will get hot while operating. As temperature increases, its performance drops. Hence, having a good ventilation is very important!