Frequently Asked Questions about InnoLIGHT™


1. How much is InnoLIGHT™?

Current price is RM79. Normal price was RM99. Pricing includes full charger set and a pouch (limited-time).


2. Shipping charges for InnoLIGHT™?

For Semenanjung Malaysia, RM10 postage fee for up to 2 pieces of InnoLIGHT™. For East Malaysia, RM16 for 1 piece of InnoLIGHT™; RM28 for 2 pieces of InnoLIGHT™. Shipping charges will be calculated at checkout.


3. How do I use for motorcycle or bicycle?

InnoLIGHT™ is designed with many holes around it. You can use a string to tie it to your motorcycle or bicycle. Make sure its well-tied! Same goes to if you want to tie on a bag.


4. Can it be used under rainy days?

Yes of course! InnoLIGHT™ is water-proof with a rating of IP67.


5. How long does it take for a full charge and how long can it last?

A full charge from 0-100% takes roughly 5-6 hours. Depending on which flashing pattern you use, the most battery consuming one will last about 3-4 hours; the least battery consuming one will last about 50 hours!