Frequently Asked Questions about AIRtire Pro™ (*Find your question here)


1. What To Do After Using AIRtire Pro™?


2. Bought AIRtire™ But Need A Liquid Sealant?


3. Applications Of Liquid Sealant


4. How does AIRtire Pro™ work actually?

A flat tire caused by a nail would continue to leak the air out of the tire, so you need some sealant to patch the leakage from inner side of tire.

With AIRtire Pro™, the Liquid sealant (450ml) will be pumped into the tire at the beginning of the stage. After the Liquid sealant is all inside the tire, the air from AIRtire (tire inflator) will start to inflate it.

After using AIRtire Pro™, you need to start driving immediately so that the tire rolls and the Liquid sealant inside spreads evenly on the inner tire wall, to ensure proper sealing of the leakage. Hence, you're off to go in just 5 minutes!


5. Will the Liquid sealant damage your tire?

Absolutely not! It's certified by SGS and RoHS, very safe to use for emergency situation. After use, just go to a tire workshop to repair and patch your tire, then you're ready to go. *No need to change to a new tire.


6. Can AIRtire Pro™ use for normal air pump as well?

Yes! Without connecting the Liquid sealant, the AIRtire (tire inflator) can be used to normally inflate your tire so that you don't have to get it done in a petrol station, which is often a more unsafe option.


7. How many times can Liquid sealant be used?

Just one time. Then, you'll need to get a new bottle at -


8. Can the Liquid sealant use with AIRtire?

Yes! It's compatible. Kindly get your Liquid sealant here -


9. Can you set the desired pressure?

No. According to the German OEM standard, you need to manually stop it after reaching your desired pressure. Just turn off the tire inflator.


10. Why do I need this if I have a spare tire?

The answer should be obvious. It takes a lot of efforts and troubles to change a spare tire on the road, with heavy sweats and dirty hands. Nobody wants that of course! With AIRtire Pro™, you can easily solve a punctured tire in less than 5 minutes to save you the trouble of changing a spare tire.


11. How long and how far can your tire last after using AIRtire Pro™?

We don't have an exact answer for this as it would really depend on your leakage seriousness. For most of the cases, it is more than enough for you to reach workshop / home safely.


12. Do you need to remove the nail before using AIRtire Pro™?

No! Just use AIRtire Pro™ straight away!


13. Is AIRtire Pro™ a one-off thing? Meaning I spend RM250 just for one tire puncture?

No! AIRtire Pro™ has AIRtire (tire inflator) and Liquid sealant in the package. AIRtire (tire inflator) can be used continuous to inflate your tire, whereas Liquid sealant is one-off, you need to get a new bottle here -